ansible-server-local - Ansible roles for my local infrastructure

ansible-server-remote - Ansible roles for my remote (VPS) infrastructure

ansible-vauxite - Ansible automation for my Vauxite desktop


dotfiles - my user config prefs

dotfiles-uc - user config prefs for

meowvim - my Neovim setup

nixos-configs - my NixOS setup

nixos-home - my NixOS home manager setup


hyperfocus - Block distracting websites and focus on your tasks

go-inoreader - Unofficial Inoreader API client for Go

go-pihole-stats - Get stats from a Pihole instance at the command line


zsh-manual-mdbook - Script that automates deploying the Zsh manual as an mdbook

gists - Assorted scripts and what-not

embark.omt - Embark colorscheme for Oh My Tmux

embark-zsh-syntax-highlighting - Embark colorscheme for zsh-syntax-highlighting


Vauxite - An immutable Fedora-based Xfce desktop


installFedoraWSL.ps1 - Install a Fedora WSL distro

Python - Search and open Firefox bookmarks from Rofi - A cute Python script to get system info from a list of hosts