I’m renaming my Fedora rpm-ostree Xfce variant to Vauxite. The rpm-ostree-based variants of desktops for Fedora have been using a naming convention based on silver and blue minerals. Like Kinoite (KDE Plasma), Lazulite (Lxqt), and Sodalite (Pantheon). I figure I might as well follow suit.

I chose the name “Vauxite” because, as far as I’ve gathered, it’s the only silver and blue mineral that contains the letter X in its name, and I also like the word itself for aesthetic reasons.

I’ve been having issues keeping the Xfice OSTree remote up-to-date, because the script I have which fetches the built repository artifact and hosts it on my VPS often fails when run as a systemd service. Transferring a fairly large file over the network is error-prone. So I’ve decided to do more or less what Sodalite does by having a script that builds the OSTree locally on the VPS, which eliminates the need to transfer it over the network.