This is where I share jokes, wordplay, and humor I’ve come up with that I think are funny, which may or may not actually be funny.


  • A paraprosdokian is a form of wordplay in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected after reading the first part, and which causes the reader to reframe the meaning of the first part. One that I’ve come up with is:
    • When left to my own devices, I install Linux on them!

Religious humor

  • Q: Why do Christian fundamentalists have simplistic beliefs? A: Because the devil is in the details!

  • Every year on Easter, I think it’s funny to post some variation of “Happy Yeaster! The body of Crust is risen!” It’s a play on the idea that (1) bread symbolizes the “body of Christ” in Christianity; (2) bread is made with yeast; (3) yeast rises, and according to Christian lore, Jesus rose from the dead on Easter; and (4) “yeaster” is a near-homophone of “Easter”. 🙃 Also, Yeaster could be considered a secular holiday which coincides with Easter. We would celebrate by baking and eating lots of bread.